How Senior Living Advisors Benefit Care Providers

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Seniors, their loved ones or other senior living professionals have arrived at an important conclusion–it’s time to seek additional support or start looking into their senior care options. While independent research is a critical first step in finding their perfect residence, it can quickly become overwhelming. 

With 75% of senior living consumers using search engines to find out more about their options (Google, 2015), showing up first in search results can create a competitive edge—but it’s certainly not the only way.  Why not partner with someone who knows the senior living industry as well as you do? 

Senior Living Advisors can help prospective residents and their loved ones navigate the digital maze of care providers’ online resources.

Connecting with a Senior Living Advisor can help demystify the process, since they’re here to guide your future clients through the entire process; from initial research to movie-in day. Senior Living Advisors (SLAs), also known as Senior Living Consultants, Senior Living Care Professionals, or Elder Care Advisors, do not work directly with your residence, instead working as independent agents to help match your ideal residents with your care service. 

Every Senior Living Advisor holds a wealth of experience in the senior care industry and has access to information sometimes unavailable to families, loved ones or other senior advocates. Their goal isn’t to rush seniors or their families through this stressful, life-changing decision– they’re here to provide the senior care resources they need to empower their decision making.   

Reduce Resident Turn Over with Ideal Residents

For many seniors and their loved ones, their primary concern is finding the right care type of support and level or care for their changing needs. Ensuring that there’s a deep sense of alignment between seniors and the residence that they’ll eventually choose is of the utmost importance.  

Senior Living Advisors have guided prospective residents through this process before, allowing them to share specific, relevant information about their options. Often, SLAs will have access to information about your senior care service that may be difficult to find on your residence’s websites, social media pages, blogs, or other resources you’ve created.  

Making it easy for Senior Living Advisors to find and share this information with their clients will help them recommend your residence ahead of your competitors. Ensure that advisors have updated information regarding:  

  • Levels of available care 
  • Vacancies in specific areas 
  • Cost of care  
  • A qualitative sense of your residence’s community  

Senior Living Advisors work for your prospective residents– not for you. Before an SLA begins the discussion about care options, they’ll spend time connecting deeply with their clients.  

This indispensable part of the process ensures that all their recommendations are based on a senior’s personal wants, needs, required care, budget, and personality.  

Senior Living Advisors’ experiences with different retirement residences have given them special insights into more than just the amenities, locations and food service menus.  

These professionals will also have a sense of how the staff interact with the residents in their care, how current clients feel about different aspects of the residence, and how things have changed over time.  

Armed with this deep understanding of your needs, they’re able to advocate on your residence’s behalf and deliver rich, personalized experiences to future residents and their loved ones.  

Create a Pipeline of Senior Living Leads

Choosing a residence is one of the most important moves of a senior and their family’s life. With so many key factors to consider, this process takes time.  

Despite Senior Living Advisors being happy to move as quickly or as slowly as their clients need them to, they’ll often be working with multiple clients at any one time. This means that you can expect to be receiving residence referrals, inquiries and tour requests with relative frequency. 

Additionally, Senior Living Advisors stay involved in residents’ placement process until they’re fully settled in, this keeps your sales team from chasing lukewarm leads that don’t result in move-ins.   

What Your Clients Can Expect from Cared Upon's Senior Living Advisors  

  1. An advisor will arrange an initial telephone or video consultation to get to know them and develop a deep understanding of a senior’s wishes, needs, budget, and preferences. 
  2. Advisors will then research and interview nearby residences and services. 
  3. They’ll match a senior’s needs to care options within their target area and budget 
  4. As they get ready to decide, their advisor will arrange in-person residence tours for them to experience different residences and services 
  5. Finally, they’ll work together to determine the perfect fit and use their network of connections to ensure a smooth move-in. 

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