About Cared Upon

We are an online care services directory and information portal supporting those looking for cares services and those providing them.

Our ambition is to improve the quality of life for older adults across Canada

Our mission is to provide senior and their loved ones with all the relevant information in one place needed to make informed care choices

Whatever you need , we've got the resources to help

Care directory

Listings and reviews of all home care providers, retirement residences, and long-term cared homes in Canada.

Information portal

Easily accessible information required by those looking for care services and those supporting them.

Communication portal

Ability for advocates to share listings and information with those looking for care services.

Our story

When it comes to searching for care for ourselves or our loved ones, we still look for it the way we did 20 years ago. We are heavily reliant on healthcare professionals and family/friends in our network who have been down this road before. We are pointed towards 6 or 7 different sources of information and asked to call a number of different care providers but still feel we don't have all the information we need to feel comfortable with our decision.

All of this leads to an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. We have felt this ourselves supporting our loved ones find care. We felt there had to be a better way to find the senior care services we needed. That better way is Cared Upon.

The Cared Upon team stretches from British Columbia across to Ontario with every single one of us empathizing with the challenges of finding care for our loved ones when they need it the most and sharing the conviction that we can create something better that will benefit hundreds of thousands of Canadians.