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How it works

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Complete our questionnaire and share your contact information to be matched with an advisor who understands your needs.

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You'll receive personalized care provider recommendations from your advisor, in your area and your budget.

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Your advisor will research and interview facilities on your behalf, book tours, and work with you to find the perfect fit.

Tell us about yourself

Complete our questionnaire and share your contact information to be matched with an advisor who understands your needs.

Get to know your advisors

Our nation-wide team of Senior Living Advisors have profound insights into the communities you want to live, no matter where you are in Canada. As either care consultants or former leaders at retirement communities, they have years of experience in the senior living sector and have helped thousands of people like you find their perfect residence.

Their passion for senior care is ignited by the meaningful relationships they build with seniors and their families. Their purpose is to get to know you to understand your needs, wants, preferences and budget for care. They are not affiliated with specific retirement communities, instead working independently to help seniors find the right placement for themselves.

With a wealth of relationships and experience in the senior care sector, they have access to information and resources that are often difficult to find. They will continue their deep understanding of you with their expertise and knowledge of the process to support you with personalized recommendations and advocate on your behalf.

Their goal isn't to rush you through the process - they are here to empower your decisions with the care and ongoing support you need.

What to expect from your Senior Living Advisor

  • Your advisor will arrange an initial telephone or video consultation to get to know you and develop a deep understanding of your wishes, needs, budget, and preferences.

  • Your advisor will then research and interview nearby residences and services on your behalf.

  • They'll match your needs to care options within your target area and budget.

  • As you get ready to make a decision, your advisor will arrange in-person residence tours for you to experience different residences and services.

  • Finally, you'll work together to determine the perfect fit and use their network of connections to ensure a smooth move-in.

Frequently asked questions

Typically, the process takes from 6 weeks and 4 months, but can move as quickly or as slowly as you're ready to. Your Senior Living Advisor isn't in a hurry to rush you into a residence, leaving the timeline up to you.

The cost of working with a Senior Living Advising can be up to $3000. With retirement residences’ average cost ranging between $30k and 60k per year; finding the right placement the first time can help you ensure you are investing in the right services for yourself.

Connect with us again! Our Senior Living Advisors will still be here to support this new leg of your journey.

Senior Living Advisors don’t work for specific residences—they work for you. Your advisor’s primary goal is to find you a residence that meets all your needs, wishes, and desires, all within your budget. With your best interests in mind, they’ll use their knowledge and connections to advocate for you and support you through the entire process.

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