What is Assisted Living?

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Assisted living facilities can provide housing and a variety of hospitality services for seniors. They also typically arrange for a selection of personal assistance services, which can also be referred to as prescribed services.

Assisted living is meant for older adults who need a supportive environment that caters to their physical or health-related limitations. That said, seniors who enjoy assisted living arrangements maintain an independent lifestyle and can make decisions of their own accord.

Prescribed services supplied by assisted living facilities can include (but are not limited to):

  • Medication services
  • Daily living activity assistance
  • Additional psychiatric or social support

Assisted living specifics will vary depending on your location. In Canada, provincial regulations govern the number and types of prescribed services available to seniors. However, some assisted living facilities or management groups may offer more than two personal assistance services.

Regardless of where they live, seniors in Canada can usually choose from both publicly subsidized and privately operated residences that meet the official definition of assisted living. Consult the Government of Canada’s website for more information on publicly supported options.