Assisted Living | What Services Can I Expect

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Just as the types of environments and their ownership specifics can differ from location to location, the services offered by an assisted living facility will also vary depending on your geographic region, as well as your financial means.

Despite this, most assisted living facilities will offer seniors a host of standard benefits, including:

  • A private living space with a locking door
  • At least two meals a day, one being the individual’s main meal
  • Regular housekeeping or cleaning services
  • Personal care services, which can encompass dressing, bathing, grooming, and a variety of other tasks that may be deemed necessary by a medical professional
  • Access to laundering services or equipment for towels, linens, and personal items
  • Heating or air conditioning options to meet basic safety requirements
  • An emergency response system that’s active 24/7

While your assisted living arrangement may include some or all of these services, others may also be available to seniors for an extra weekly or monthly price. All candidates for an assisted living opportunity and their families should examine all their options and select the ones that best suit their unique needs and wants.

At the end of the day, you want to ensure that the assisted living facility allows the resident to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle and doesn’t sacrifice any of their short- and long-term independence.