How to Increase Your Rating on Cared Upon

Your residence’s two most important touchpoints for new clients are your brand’s image and reputation.  

Growing and maintaining a bank of positive reviews on a reputable, third-party platform like Cared Upon works to support your residence’s overall digital strategy, credibility and positive public image.  

Support your business’ greatest assets by gathering, improving and leveraging the experiences that people have with your residence to: 

  • Support Your Residence’s Credibility: 93% of consumers on Facebook and 90% on Google have indicated that they're at least 'a little’ suspicious of the honesty of the reviews they see (Brightlocal, 2022). Using a vetted third-party review platform can help your prospective clients and their loved ones feel more confident engaging with your residence.   
  • Support a Healthy SEO Strategy: Rich, user-generated content helps your residence show up higher in search results, making you easier to find and interact with.  In addition, positive reviews and testimonials can be repurposed on your social media channels to help inspire other prospective clients to reach out.  
  • Drive More Senior Living Sales: 72% of consumers trust businesses more if they read positive reviews about those businesses (Digital Strike, 2022). A glowing review from a current resident, their loved ones, or another senior living professional can encourage a prospective client to choose your residence over a competitor. 

Best of all, increasing and maintaining your residence’s rating on Cared Upon is simple: 

  • Start for Free & Claim Your Residence’s Profile 
  • Keep Your Listing Updated 
  • Make Reviewing Accessible  
  • Respond to Reviews  

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What should be on my residence’s Cared Upon Profile?

After claiming your residence’s profile on Cared Upon’s platform, you’ll have the opportunity to add photos, videos and other details to your listing.  

Ensure that your listing is populated with high-quality, up-to-date information about each aspect of your residence and the care that you provide. This should Include:  

  • “About Us” Section  
  • Medical Care Available 
  • Meal Information 
  • Amenities, Services and Activities  
  • Vacancies  
  • Monthly Price Range for Care  

Having this information easily accessible to seniors and their families who are seeking care can encourage current clients to leave detailed reviews of your services, while helping prospective clients get a sense of your residence. 

Keep Your Profile Updated

Cared Upon’s main goal is to ensure that seniors and their families have access to relevant senior living information. Take full advantage of Cared Upon’s responsive, integrated information-sharing and review hub by populating your profile with photos, videos, and well-written descriptions of your residence’s and its amenities.  

As things change about your residence, they should also change on your business’ profile; content about your business needs to be relevant to be useful to individuals looking for care.  

Ensure that each person who interacts with your profile has a positive experience by responding to reviews, sharing your best photos and videos, and keeping your residence’s services and amenities details current.  

Make Reviewing Accessible

87% of people say that a business needs a rating of 3-5 stars before they will use them (NiceJob, 2022). Your residence’s rating out of five stars reflects the average of the good and bad reviews you’ve received. If your goal is to maintain an overall rating of four stars, you'll need four five-star reviews to make up for every one-star review (Inc, 2018).  

All that to say: the more reviews, the better.  

Once someone has agreed to leave a review of your residence, it’s important to make the task as easy to complete as possible. Consider having a direct link to your profile present in your email signature, on your website and on your other social media profiles.  

Going a step further, placing a QR code on your residence’s business cards and brochures can reduce the friction for potential reviewers even more by allowing them to easily navigate to your residence’s online profile. 

Ask for Reviews

Asking feels like the hardest part—but remember, it’s not all about you; each review is an opportunity to help guide someone looking for care. Framing your request this way with family members, seniors, or other care professionals can help them see the value their insights bring.  

Tips for Asking (& Actually Getting) Reviews: 

  • Just Ask: Research shows that more than half (53%) of clients are ‘likely’ or ‘highly likely’ to leave a review when asked by a staff member (BrightLocal, 2022).   
  • Ask at the Right Time: Tee up the conversation for success by asking for a review after a positive placement experience, exciting event, or at a regularly scheduled interval. Asking for reviews unexpectedly or after negative experiences can result in no review at all, or worse—a negative one.   
  • Personalize the Ask: First and foremost, reviews are a reflection of your relationship with your clients—treat them as such! Rather than sending out a generic email, taking the time to personalize greetings or going above and beyond with a phone call can drastically improve the chances of your resident or their loved one saying, “yes!”.   

For more details on how to build a bank of positive reviews, click here. 

According to the latest online review statistics, nearly four in five (79%) consumers say they trust the reviews they read online as much as personal recommendations (BrightLocal, 2020).  

Capturing positive insights from current residents, loved ones or senior living professionals on can highlight your residence’s best qualities. The vetted nature of the reviews on Cared Upon also inspires a sense of confidence in those looking for support.  

Take Action Based on Your Reviews

Reviews don’t all have to be positive to have a positive impact on your business. While it’s always nice to be recognized for the great work that you and your care staff do, critical reviews can help you continue to refine your services or address key resident pain points that may go unnoticed.   

Day-to-day, you or your care staff may not receive the critical feedback required for you to make specific changes to your senior living residence. Having access to this information allows you to directly address concerns raised by residents or their family members on, and to set future-oriented improvement goals for your business.    

Engaging openly and constructively with negative reviews can give prospective clients the impression that your residence’s management team is responsive, open to feedback, and committed to making things right. Ultimately resulting in more positive reviews, and a higher online rating for your residenc