How Cared Upon Can Help Grow Your Senior Care Business

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Standing out from other residences has become increasingly difficult, especially in the age of the internet. While many of your prospective clients may not regularly be online, 75% of senior living consumers use search engines to find out more about their options (Google, 2015).  An overwhelming 83% of nursing home consumers don't have a specific care provider in mind when beginning their search (Invoca, 2021), making search engine ranking a powerful way to access your ideal residents. 

In addition to a robust SEO strategy, more and more seniors and their loved ones who are searching for a senior living solution are interested in the insights from residents already in your care. 83% of potential clients deem reviews for healthcare and care services ‘important’ or ‘very important’ (BrightLocal, 2022), and 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (BrightLocal, 2020), making positive reviews one of the most valuable tools for growth that your residence can attain. 

Ensuring that vetted, credible reviews are distributed across your online presence can help you generate even more leads from prospective residents. Specialized third-party platforms like Cared Upon, your business’ website, Facebook Page, and Google Listing work together to create a credible image for your residence. 

How Reviews Contribute to a Strong SEO Strategy

Cared Upon and other third-party review platforms can be great for your residence’s online discoverability and SEO strategy. These digital platforms help you generate share-worthy content for your brand, and help create user-generated content for your website-- leading to a higher ranking in search results.  

With 68% of seniors present online (2016), up from just 32% in 2007 (BrightLocal, 2016), seniors are becoming search-savvy than ever.  

While your website is a fantastic and necessary place to have positive reviews displayed, clients know that you’re able to pick and choose what appears there. Although reviews posted to your Google listing or Facebook pages garner a little more trust, only 7% of consumers say they're 'not at all' suspicious of reviews on Facebook, while almost two thirds (62%) of consumers believe they've seen a fake review for a local business in the past year (BrightLocal, 2022).  

Using a vetted third-party platform to house your reviews can inspire more trust from prospective clients and their loved ones, helping them feel even more confident in choosing your residence.  

Platforms like Cared Upon have already established trust as a client-focused digital information hub, in addition to offering a place for clients to read reviews that are not directly affiliated with one specific care provider.  

For providers, Care Upon also offers a unique opportunity to view positive reviews and engage directly and resolve negative reviews before they’re posted. This vetting process separates this platform from Google or Facebook where care providers have no control over who, or what is posted about their business.  

Repurposing your Cared Upon reviews supports your residence’s digital footprint by:  

1. Maximizing Your Keyword Strategy 

There’s a good chance that people leaving feedback for your residence will speak to the core activities of your residence in their reviews; important details about your residence’s location, facility, amenities, types of care and programming will be mentioned in by one reviewer or another.  

Since a great keyword strategy is the backbone of your residence’s SEO strategy, encouraging reviewers to leave specific, detailed insights is invaluable to your online growth.  

Online tools like the Moz Keyword Explorer and GetKeywords, are great places to explore related search terms for your residence. After identifying relevant search terms for your senior living business, consider using what you find to create review prompts for potential reviews. These prompts will simplify the review process and ensure that you’re able to capture relevant keywords for your business.  

2. Hub for Sharing High-Quality Content 

As you begin creating online content for your residence’s website, consider resharing it on your Cared Upon profile or reach out to collaborate with their team on other informational senior living content.  

Well-written, keyword-rich articles, downloadable guides, and videos will help you position your brand as a trustworthy expert in the senior living niche. With partnered content, your residence will be place in front of a new, warm audience that your marketing partner has already gained the trust of. 

In addition to expanding your brand’s awareness, creating content with a digital marketing partner like Cared Upon can earn you valuable backlinks to your website, helping search engines rank your listing even higher in the organic search results.   

3. Double-Down on Local SEO 

Prospective residents, their loved ones or other senior living professionals are likely to be looking for residences close to where they already live, making local searches can be extremely beneficial for your senior living business. 46% of all Google searches are for local information like events, goods, or services in a particular neighborhood. With respect to consumers, 97%, or nearly all prospective clients are searching for businesses in their area (SocialMediaToday, 2019). 

Cared Upon’s platform has made ranking highly in local search results an extremely high priority for each provider listed on their site. By tailoring the keyword strategy of each residence on their platform, care providers have a better chance of being shown to future residents who are more likely to convert into move-ins.  

Where to Repurpose Positive Reviews

With approximately 23% of senior living sales coming directly from online sources (Creating Results, 2018), nurturing and gaining the trust of prospective residents and their families is paramount to generating more move-ins. 

Displaying Them on Your Website  

Your residence’s website helps future residents, their families, and other senior living professionals learn about your space, services, and amenities before they reach out.  

Having reviews visible helps potential clients create a positive association with your brand; they’re able to imagine themselves staying with you through the experiences of others.  

Resharing Them on Google & Social Media Profiles  

Keeping your profiles up-to-date and populated with positive reviews and testimonials, benefit the discovery of your business through search engines and places your residence in front of seniors and their families who are already using these social sites.  

Social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest indirectly support a strong SEO strategy (Semrush, 2020). Consider taking the valuable content you write and the reviews your residence has gathered to create bite-sized snippets to build stronger relationships with more of your audience. By interacting with prospective clients and their loved ones regularly on social media, you’ll be building your brand’s credibility, inviting them to learn more by visiting your website, subscribing to your email newsletter, and imagining a future with you. 

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