Crafting a Competitive Edge with Senior Living Advisors

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Senior Living Advisors (SLAs), sometimes referred to as Senior Living Consultants, Senior Living Care Professionals, or Elder Care Advisors, are not affiliated with specific care facilities, working independently to match your ideal residents with your care services. Each Senior Living Advisor is equipped with a wealth of experience in the senior care industry and with your support, will have access to information sometimes unavailable to families. Their goal is to empower residents and their loved ones’ retirement care decision making.  

Maximizing Your Relationships with Senior Living Advisors

A little proactivity can go a long way when you’re developing your SLA contact list. In addition to hospital coordinators, discharge coordinators, and social workers, independent Senior Living Advisors serve as a powerful extension of your business. Especially when provided with specific details and insights about your residence, Senior Living Advisors become trustworthy supporters through one of the most important decisions a family will make. 

How to get and stay connected to local Senior Living Advisors:  

  • Be Genuinely Curious: Spend time learning about how you can benefit each other, along with how your services work to benefit your shared clientele.
  • Pass on Referrals to Other Care Providers: Some Senior Living Advisors prefer to work with clients who have specific care needs or preferences. If your residence doesn’t quite match up, consider sharing their contact with another senior living provider who is better aligned. This creates a culture of credibility and community in the senior living sector and helps leave prospective residents feeling more confident in the process.
  • Go Digital: Ask for or offer yourself up for comments on blog posts, social media call outs or interviews. Being active online and sharing valuable information can help encourage seniors and their loved ones to reach out for help.

Throughout the development of your residence’s online marketing strategy, you may notice that much of your outgoing communication will angle towards prospective residents and their loved ones. 

Consider paying special attention to Senior Living Advisors, social workers, hospital discharge coordinators, and other healthcare practitioners. These senior care professionals occupy the valuable space between seniors seeking support and residences like yours. Making their job easier by keeping your residence’s listing updated, being active on social media and positioning yourself as an authority in the senior care space can help them recommend you over your competitors. 

Two Ways to Support Senior Living Advisors Online: 

  • Maintain Active Lines of Communication: Senior Living Advisors, along with social workers, hospital discharge coordinators, and other healthcare professionals in your area can become a valuable source of leads for your residence. Ensure that these advocates are the first to know about any significant changes or news about your care services. If your internal sales or marketing teams are unable to contact these senior living professionals personally, consider setting up a specific email list to share updates. 
  • Make Your Residence’s Information Accessible: Robust residence listings on niche-specific platforms like can support your relationships with Senior Living Advisors by having everything they need in one place.  

While Cared Upon’s intent is to ensure that seniors and their families have access to relevant information, residences who’ve optimized their listings provide invaluable assets to advocates to refer to their clients. Profiles complete with photos, videos, well-written descriptions and fleshed-out descriptions of amenities regularly outshine competitors.  

Deliver Value to Your Professional Network

Help boost the likelihood of creating strong referral pipelines with Senior Living Advisors. Branded educational content is a fantastic way to support your connection to both senior care advocates and prospective residents. Residence information, informative blog posts, downloadable guides, infographics and comparison tables support both audiences by:  

  • Establishing Credibility: Positioning your brand as an expert can inspire trust in those looking for a residence for themselves, a loved one, or for a client of their own. 
  • Supporting Your SEO strategy: Keyword-rich content helps you rank better in search engine results, making your residence easier to find and interact with for prospective clients and SLAs.  
  • Helping Create an ‘Owned’ Audience: As mentioned above, having a direct line of communication with both senior living professionals and clients maximizes the efficacy of your outreach. This may manifest as two separate email lists, one written for and directed to clients, and the other specifically tailored for Senior Living Advisors. Be sure to treat your email lists with respect; provide as much value as you can, but don’t overwhelm their inboxes. 
  • Staying Up to Date: A challenge with educational content is that it needs to be regularly updated to be useful. Claiming your facility’s profile on gives your access to a responsive, integrated information-sharing and review hub for your business.