How to Maximize Revenue from Your Suites

Charging higher rates, lowering vacancy and becoming the senior living residence in your area is a worthy challenge. Prioritizing the wants, needs and desires of existing and prospective clients arms your residence with the insight needed to create exceptional experiences. In addition to bespoke resident experiences, paying attention to not-so-minor details, and creating a pipeline of reviews all work to support your residence’s premium rates.  

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Premium is Personal

Maximizing the value of your suites in the eyes of your ideal residents starts with their needs in mind. One-size-fits-all solutions rarely command premium prices because they’re rarely a part of premium experiences. Developing an intimate understanding of the wants, needs and desires of prospective clients allows you to exceed their expectations. Categories where going above and beyond is achievable may include:  

  • Meals: Quality meal-service is a given, but needs-based, personalized nutrition services are a cut above. 
  • Personal Services: From housekeeping and laundry to haircuts and manicures. 
  • Staff Relationships: Assigning specific staff members to residents allows your staff to create deeper relationships and efficiently anticipate your clients’ ongoing needs. Medically, this may look like using notes to decide when or if a resident’s care needs should be reevaluated. This high-level personal attention also includes remembering personal details and inviting existing residents to programs that match their interests, or social groups they’ve become part of. 

Your ideal residents didn’t stop being individuals when they moved in with you; the better you can accommodate their unique needs, the more luxurious and premium their experience becomes. 

The Diamonds are in the Details

Reflect on a time where you felt exceptionally well-taken-care-of. Where were you? What did you see, touch, smell, and taste? How might you replicate that experience in your senior care facility? Each touch point in your residence is an opportunity to establish yourself as a prime service provider.  

Immaculate cleanliness and expertly maintained facilities, along with deluxe finishes in your residence’s common areas, suites and amenities are essential to supporting your brand’s premium image. It’s also important to consider the fine balance that must be reached between highly branded experiences, and the comfortable sense of home new residents are looking for.  

No matter how well you’re able to integrate the comforts of home with your facility's upscale sensibilities, how you let prospective residents know about them is just as important. An intentionally designed online presence for your residence acts as an anchor point for a cohesive brand experience, and an opportunity for you to demonstrate value to your future residents: 

  • High quality photos and videos 
  • Comprehensive company information 
  • Active social media profiles 
  • Reviews and testimonials from current residents 

Often, the more cohesive your brand experience is, the more premium your residence can appear to future residents or their families.  

Reviews are Worth Their Weight in Gold

You’ve established yourself as trustworthy, premium senior living residence, but there’s something prospective clients trust even more— existing residents’ experiences. Incentivizing reviews from existing residents and their loved ones can be an impactful way to communicate your residence’s value.  

Honest reviews from current residents and their families are key decision-making components for future clients, so make leaving them easy! Optimizing a specialized review platform like reduces the friction for reviewers and becomes a new way to connect with your ideal residents.  

How Cared Upon reviews support your residence:   

  • Customizable residence profiles showcase your best photos and videos 
  • Reviews are individually vetted for honesty and accuracy before they’re posted 
  • Care providers are encouraged to respond directly to reviewers 
  • The platform is specifically tailored for prospective residents, their families, and Senior Living Advisors