Staying at Home Longer

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Is it Right for Me?

While aging in place has benefits, you must still consider a few factors to see if it is the best decision for you.  It could be challenging to  age in place especially if you live alone or if you have to take care of a loved one at home. Thankfully, there’s help and you can make staying at home longer convenient and comfortable. The following mentioned below are some home care services for seniors can make aging at home easier for you.

Help for Seniors Living At Home

Home Maintenance

House maintenance can take a lot of work. It’s not easy especially for older adults with limited mobility or health issues. There are home care services available for seniors such as gardening, laundry, shopping, housekeeping, or handyman work. You can also seek help from financial or healthcare professionals to take care of bills and your medical appointments.


You can find home care services that can help you easily move from one place to another easier for you. Transportation can be challenging for seniors. Especially for people with sight problems, driving won’t only be difficult, but it can be dangerous, too as well. Thankfully, there are rideshare apps, transportation senior discounts, and plenty more other senior transportation services that you can use as alternatives for driving or needing to hire a driver.  Check out these top ridesharing apps, which you can use for easy and seamless transportation. 

Personal Home Care Services

There are home health aides that can provide help to seniors when it comes to personal care. Activities in daily life like bathing, dressing, preparing meals are some of the custodial care most older adults need assistance. Some services can help you with personal care for a few hours per day to around-the-clock. These home health aides can also help with medical assistance such as blood pressure monitoring or medication reminders.  To know more about available home health care options near you, please visit our website and search here.

Health Care Services

There are healthcare professionals who can offer help to seniors while they are at home. Social workers, caregivers, occupational therapists, and nurses are some of the trained professionals who can be with you and make sure you’re always in the best of health conditions. These health care services might need you to cover the cost out of your pocket. You can, however, check your insurance or health service if they can help you with the expenses.  You can check the website of the Government of Canada for health services and financial assistance available for you.

Adult daycare

Daycare programs can help you maintain a healthy social life and keep you busy, while also allowing your caregiver to take a break. Most adult daycares are quite social, while some provide a few health services or specialize in some specific health conditions such as Alzheimer’s.