Long-Term Care | What to Look out for when You Visit

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When you and your family are ready to select a long-term care living arrangement that suits your needs, it’s crucial to obtain all relevant information and ask any questions you deem necessary.

During the process of choosing a care home, always ask for the following:

  • The facility or company brochure (many places have a digital version available on their website)
  • A copy of a resident or tenant contract, including a cost breakdown as well as the terms and conditions
  • Details on the facility’s waiting list procedure and, if there’s already an active list, how long the waiting period is

Once those preliminary steps are complete, the next step to pursue any attractive options is an in-person or virtual visit to the facility. Ideally, seniors should visit the facility with a family member or a close friend.

When visiting a retirement home in-person or virtually, keep the following questions in mind: 

General Questions

  • Does the facility make a good first impression? Why or why not?
  • Are the manager and staff friendly and welcoming?
  • Are the unit and the communal areas clean and well-maintained?

Care and Accessibility

  • Does the facility meet my current health needs?
  • Can the home support me if I need additional assistance due to illness or a disability?
  • What kind of care is available if I need medication assistance?

Professional Healthcare Providers

  • How do healthcare staff respect my privacy and dignity?
  • Do healthcare providers take the time to get to know me and my needs?
  • Does your staff speak different languages?

Day-to-Day Living

  • Is there a set daily routine, or can I adjust certain aspects like wake-up and bedtime?
  • Do I choose when and how often I get a shower or bath?
  • Do I have internet and phone access?


  • What kind of meals are served daily?
  • How often do meals change?
  • Do you cater to particular cultural preferences? What about dietary restrictions?