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Choosing a Retirement Residence with Confidence

You or your loved ones have come to an important conclusion–it’s time to seek additional living support. Independent research is a critical first step in this process, but you’ve realized just how much information is out there. Navigating the digital maze of elder care providers’ websites, blogs, and independent resources can often lead to more questions than answers. Senior Living Advisors are here to help guide you all the way through the process, from initial research to moving day.  

Senior Living Advisors (SLAs), sometimes referred to as Senior Living Consultants, Senior Living Care Professionals, or Elder Care Advisors, are not affiliated with specific care facilities, working independently to ensure that you find the perfect residence. Each Senior Living Advisor is equipped with a wealth of experience in the senior care industry, and has access to information sometimes unavailable to families. Their goal isn’t to rush you through this already stressful process– they’re here to empower your decision making with the support and resources you need. 

Senior Living Advisors Have Been Here Before

You’ve likely already noticed that the existing senior care landscape is not exactly conducive to independent research– care homes’ guides, blogs, and resources sometimes host competing information, or are colored by their intention to attract new residents. Senior Living Advisors have guided families through this process before, allowing them to provide you with specific, relevant information. Since Senior Living Advisors are not affiliated with a particular facility, you can trust them to be honest and objective. Not only will they be able to discuss the levels of available care, vacancies in your area, and how to pay for it, they’ll also have a qualitative sense of each community.

Relationships First, Placements Second

Senior Living Advisors work for you– not for care providers. Before your SLA begins the discussion about available facilities, they spend time getting to know you. All of their recommendations are based on you or your loved one’s personal wants, needs, required care, budget, and personality. Armed with a thorough understanding of your needs, they’re able to advocate on your behalf and deliver a rich, personalized experience. What’s more, your advisor’s job doesn’t stop once you’ve received a handful of recommendations; your Senior Living Advisor stays involved in your provider search until well after you’ve settled in. 

No Rush

Choosing a residence is one of the most important moves of your or loved ones’ life. With so many key factors to consider, this process takes time. Senior Living Advisors are happy to move as quickly or as slowly as you need them to. If you’re looking for a residence right away, their connections with care providers can expedite your move-in day, but if you’re just starting your journey– they’re happy to use those same relationships to book as many tours as you need. Your comfort and confidence is the foundation of a successful placement.

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What You Can Expect From Cared Upon's Senior Living Advisors

Each advisor will take the time to: 

  1. Generate and understanding of your or your loved one's care needs
  2. Explore a diverse array of options in your area and budget
  3. Research and interview facilities nearby facilities on your behalf
  4. Arrange in-person residence tours to experience their facilities and services
  5. Work together to determine the perfect fit