A Guide to Retirement Care & Senior Living in Vernon

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The city of Vernon is a vibrant, dynamic city with a plethora of outdoor activities, offering seniors a captivating retirement with a high quality of life and an active and fulfilling lifestyle. As the Vernon lifestyle entails staying active, its many lakes, parks, farms, hiking trails, mountains, and orchards are just a few reasons why seniors are drawn to the city for both retirement and tourism, as there are a multitude of opportunities to stay active and involved after retirement. If retirement in Vernon sounds like the ideal match for you, let Cared Upon help you in finding a senior living community in the city that fits your needs. 

Lifestyle & Activities

As Vernon is well known for having captivating outdoor spaces, seniors retiring in the city can find year-round outdoor activities to partake in. During the wintertime, the SilverStar Mountain Resort is a popular destination for snow-lovers to find themselves skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowshoeing, or even dining at the many restaurants offered at the resort. Vernon also offers a variety of parks, lakes, cycling paths, and hiking trails to explore and keep active during the summertime season. With beautiful beaches, you can find yourself visiting Okanagan Lake or Kalamalka Lake to unwind with paddleboarding, picnicking, swimming, wildlife viewing, or even playing volleyball. Vernon is also iconic for its farms and Orchards, and many locals enjoy visiting these orchards as they offer walking tours while getting to pick your own fresh fruits and vegetables.

Weather and Climate

Vernon is known to have a cold and temperate climate, with comfortably warm and dry summers and freezing, snowy winters. Annually, the city is known to have a significant amount of rainfall. Winter temperatures are likely to average around -3°C to -12°C (37.4-53.6°F). During the summertime, you’ll find average temperatures to range anywhere from 20°C-24°C (68-75.2°F).